25 Fun Beach Games To Play This Summer

25 Fun Beach Games To Play This Summer

Ah, the beach — where the sun kisses your skin, the sand tickles your toes, and the sound of crashing waves creates the perfect backdrop for an epic day of fun. 

Whether you're planning a beach vacation, a weekend getaway, or simply a day of beachside bliss, we've got you covered with the ultimate list of 10 fun beach games to play this summer. 

Get ready to dive into a world of excitement, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So grab your beach bag and beach chairs, slather on the sunscreen, and let's explore the beach game extravaganza that awaits!

What Are the Best Solo Beach Games?

Sometimes, the best beach day is the one you spend trying to beat all your friends at a game of skill. Here are our favorite solo-player games.

1. Sandcastle Contest: Unleash Your Inner Architect

During your next beach trip, tap into your creative side and participate in a sandcastle contest. Gather your buckets, shovels, and imagination to build the most impressive sand structure on the beach. 

Building sandcastles is one of the best beach games because, while impressive and fun, you don’t need anything but your imagination (and some hand-eye coordination). No need for inflatablegame sets, carrying bags, totes, Cornhole sets, or even playing cards — all you need for this simple game is the sand and a vision.

Whether you aim for a majestic castle, a mythical creature, or a replica of your favorite landmark, let your imagination run wild and create a masterpiece. Get ready to impress fellow beachgoers and claim the title of sandcastle champion!

2. Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

Add a touch of Caribbean flair to your beach day with a classic party game of beach limbo. Set up the limbo stick and challenge your friends to see who can shimmy and wiggle their way under it at the lowest height.

With some rhythmic music and a cheerful atmosphere, beach limbo is a game that guarantees laughter, friendly competition, and impressive contortions. So limber up and let the limbo showdown begin!

3. Charades: Acting Fun in the Sun

Put your acting skills to the test with a game of Charades. Divide into teams and take turns acting out words or phrases without speaking.

Use the beach and its surroundings to inspire your charades, mimicking various beach activities, marine animals, or popular beach items. Guess the word or phrase correctly within a time limit to earn points for your team. 

This family classic is a hilarious and entertaining game that will have everyone rolling over in stitches. 

4. Tic-Tac-Toe: Strategic Battles in the Sand

Add a twist of strategy to your beach day with a game of Beach Tic-Tac-Toe. Use sticks or draw lines in the sand to create the iconic grid, then take turns placing your chosen symbol (such as seashells or rocks) on the squares.

Strategize your moves to get three of your symbols in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, while blocking your opponent from achieving the same. The sandy beach becomes your battlefield for mind-bending battles of wits and anticipation.

5. Bowling: Strike Out on the Sand

Bring the fun of bowling to the beach with a game of beach Bowling. Set up a makeshift bowling alley in the sand using empty water bottles as pins and a lightweight ball, such as a beach ball or foam ball.

Take turns rolling the ball, aiming to knock down as many pins as possible in each round. Feel the excitement build as you strive for that elusive strike or compete to get the highest score. Beach bowling is a lighthearted game that guarantees strikes, spares, and tons of laughter.

6. Ladder Toss: Tossing for Points

Ladder Toss; the beach game sensation that will have you hooked. Grab those bolas (the balls-on-a-string kind) and aim for the rungs of a ladder-like structure. Each rung comes with its own point value, so the higher you aim, the more points you'll score. It’s similar to ring toss or Horseshoes but with a classic beach twist.

With each toss, you'll feel the thrill of anticipation as the bolas spin through the air, aiming for that perfect landing. This toss game is one that guarantees friendly competition and loads of laughs for the whole family

7. Mini-Golf: Tee Off by the Waves

Set up a mini-golf course on the beach and tee off by the waves. Use portable mini-golf sets or create your own holes using sandcastles, shells, or other beach items as obstacles.

Take turns maneuvering the ball around the course, aiming for that elusive hole-in-one or completing each hole with the fewest strokes. This exciting game combines skill, creativity, and the beauty of the beach surroundings, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

What Are the Best Team-Based Beach Games?

When you’re tired of playing solo, team up and get ready to embrace the competitive spirit with these winning beach games.

8. Beach Volleyball: Serving Up Sandy Smashes

What's a beach day without a thrilling game of beach volleyball? Gather your friends or join a pickup game and showcase your skills on the sandy court. Dive for those spectacular saves, spike the ball with power, and revel in the joy of team camaraderie. 

Beach volleyball is the perfect blend of sport and fun, creating a competitive atmosphere that will have you craving more sandy smashes. While you may need a mesh bag and volleyball set, you don’t need Olympic-level skills — beach volleyball is perfect for players of all skill levels, whether at a tailgate or a stadium.

9. Cricket: Batting and Bowling by the Shore

Bring a touch of England to the beach with a game of beach cricket. Grab a bat, set up your wickets, and let the fun begin! 

Dive into the world of wicketkeeping, batting, and bowling as you showcase your cricket skills in the sandy arena. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, beach cricket is a fantastic way to bond with friends and enjoy a sport that's fun for all ages.

10. Kan Jam: Flying Disc Frenzy

Get ready to take your frisbee skills to the next level with Kan Jam! It's all about teamwork and precision as you try to score points by throwing and deflecting a flying disc into a special goal. 

Whether you're aiming for a "Kan" or a "Jam," this game will have you leaping, diving, and cheering with each epic shot — it's a flying disc frenzy that will keep you on your toes and the beach vibes flowing.

11. Spikeball: Bouncing and Spiking Action

If you're up for a high-energy, heart-pumping beach game, Spikeball is your jam. Picture a circular net, a bouncy ball, and teams of two going head-to-head in a frenzy of spikes, dives, and lightning-fast reflexes. The goal? To keep the ball bouncing off the net and outwit your opponents with your wicked skills. 

This fun classic is an addictive game that will make you feel like a beachside superhero, so get ready to unleash your inner spike master!

12. Beach Scavenger Hunt: Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Embark on an exciting beachside adventure with a thrilling treasure hunt. Create a list of beach-themed items or clues, split into teams, and let the search begin. Hunt for seashells, spot unique marine life, find buried treasure, or discover hidden landmarks.

The beach becomes your playground as you unleash your inner explorer, working together to solve riddles and complete challenges. It's an interactive and immersive game that guarantees endless excitement.

13. Tug of War: Battle of Strength and Teamwork

Gather your pals and prepare for an epic battle of strength and teamwork with a classic game of beach tug of war. Dig your heels into the sand, grab hold of the rope, and pull with all your might as you aim to overpower the opposing team. 

Feel the exhilaration of working together, strategizing, and unleashing your competitive spirit. Tug of War is a game that brings out the best in teamwork and creates memorable moments of triumph.

14. Basketball: Shooting Hoops With a Coastal Twist

Transform your beach into a basketball court with a game of beach Basketball. Set up a makeshift hoop using a portable basketball net or a bucket secured in the sand.

Challenge your friends to a friendly game of shooting hoops, dribbling in the sand, and making spectacular shots. The soft sand adds an extra element of challenge and makes every move more exciting. Beach basketball is a fantastic way to showcase your skills, engage in friendly competition, and enjoy the sun and surf.

15. Beach Relay Races: Fast-Paced Fun in the Sand

Get your heart racing with a series of beach relay races. Divide into teams and set up a relay course on the beach, including tasks such as sprinting, crab walking, hopping, Frizbowl catching, or carrying beach buckets filled with water.

Race against the opposing team, passing the baton or a designated object to the next teammate. The first team to complete the relay course wins.


What Are the Beach Games With Beach Balls?

It’s not a true beach day without a classic set of beach balls. Here are some fun games you can play with your friends while you wait for the tide to settle.

16. Ball Toss: Keep It Up in the Air

Keep the beach ball in the air and let the fun soar to new heights with a game of beach ball toss. Gather your group in a circle and pass the ball around, aiming to keep it off the ground for as long as possible.

Get creative with trick shots, add some spins and twists, and challenge your friends to see who can keep the ball in the air the longest. It's a simple yet addictive game that guarantees laughter and excitement.

17. Bocce Ball: A Strategic Showdown

Engage in a strategic battle of precision and skill with a game of beach bocce ball. Grab your set of colorful balls (or a bocce ball set) and aim for victory as you try to get your balls closest to the target ball (the jack). 

Play with teams or go solo as you strategize, aim, and toss your way to triumph. While not technically a beach ball, beach bocce ball is a fantastic game to enjoy under the sun, combining strategy, competition, and a dash of beachside charm.

18. Tidalball: Coastal Game of Skill

Let's give a warm beach welcome to Tidalball, an outdoor game that brings a coastal twist to your beach day adventures. With holes dug in the sand and a target ball as your guiding star, it's time to showcase your precision and strategic prowess. Aim to get your balls as close to the target as possible or knock opponents' balls out of the running. 

Tidalball is a game that will make you feel like a beachside strategist, so gather your crew, roll out the beach towels, and let the Tidalball games begin.

19. Bucketball: Aim and Score

Think basketball but with buckets instead of hoops! Bucketball is all about your precision and aim. The goal is to try to sink a ball into a series of strategically placed buckets on the sand. Each bucket comes with its own point value, so the higher your accuracy, the bigger your score. 

Challenge your friends, create your own crazy rules, and get ready for some bucketfuls of fun — don't forget your koozies!

20. Dodgeball: Duck, Dive, and Dodge

Take the classic game of dodgeball to the sandy shores with beach Dodgeball. Divide into two teams and use soft, lightweight balls suitable for throwing and catching on the beach.

Dodge, duck, dive, and dodge some more as you try to avoid being hit by the opposing team's throws. Catching a ball thrown by the opposing team eliminates one of their players. The last team standing wins the round. 

Beach dodgeball is an energetic and action-packed game that will have you laughing, sprinting, and strategizing to secure victory.

What Are Some Other Fun Beach Games?

Some games are just so fun that they belong in a category all on their own. Here’s a mix of innovative and classic games you can use to keep the good times rolling.

21. Tag: Chase and Be Chased

Get ready for a thrilling game of beach tag! Choose someone to be "it," and let the chase begin. Dash through the sand, dodge waves, and use the beachscape to your advantage as you try to avoid being tagged. The soft sand adds an extra challenge, making it a hilarious and action-packed game for everyone.

Whether playing with friends or making new ones, beach tag is a surefire way to keep the adrenaline pumping.

22. Cornhole: Tossing Fun for All Ages

Picture this: you and your crew, flinging bean bags through the air, aiming for a hole in a wooden board. That's cornhole, folks! It's a game guaranteed to bring out your competitive spirit and test your tossing skills. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the game, cornhole is a beach game that promises laughs, cheers, and endless fun for all ages.

23. Water Balloon Toss: Cool Off With Splashy Fun

Beat the heat and have a splash-tastic time with a water balloon toss. Fill up colorful balloons with water and gather in a circle with your friends or family.

Start by tossing the balloon gently to your partner, gradually increasing the distance between you. The objective is to catch the balloon without it bursting, but be prepared for some refreshing splashes if you miss! It's a game that keeps everyone cool, giggling, and thoroughly soaked.

24. Frisbee: Catching Fun in the Sun

Frisbee isn't just for parks and backyards — it's the perfect beach game too! Grab a frisbee and engage in a thrilling game of catch with your friends or challenge them to a competitive frisbee golf game (aka disc golf). 

Feel the ocean breeze as you launch the frisbee through the air, aiming for that perfect catch or scoring a hole-in-one. Beach frisbee is a fantastic way to enjoy the sun, sand, and some good old-fashioned frisbee fun.

25. Frizbowl: Catching Fun in Mid-Air

When it comes to fun beach games, Frizbowl is a must. This game takes frisbee throwing to a new level of excitement — imagine you and your friends flinging a flying disc in the air, but instead of catching it with your hands, you catch it on your head! 

It's a gravity-defying, wacky experience that is guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to the whole crew.

The challenge in Frizbowl lies in mastering the art of balancing the hat on your noggin while attempting impressive catches. It's a game that will test your coordination, agility, and sense of humor. 

You'll be amazed at the crazy acrobatics and daring catches you and your friends can achieve — an instant hit for parties, beach outings, or any gathering where you want to turn heads and have a blast!

On Your Mark, Get Set, PLAY

With these 25 fun beach games, your summer beach days are about to become a thrilling adventure filled with laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories. 

From the classic beach volleyball and sandcastle contests to exciting new games like Frizbowl, Kan Jam, and Tidalball, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking action-packed games or a leisure lover looking for relaxed fun, the beach has it all. 

Have fun!


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