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Is the Frizbowl safe?

The Frizbowl is made of a custom specialty foam that we’ve designed. The material is soft, flexible and lightweight. Playing with the Frizbowl under normal circumstances is completely safe for all ages.

How many are included in a set?

2 Frizbowl’s are included in one game set.

Will the Frizbowl fit my head?

Yes we have designed the Frizbowl to fit virtually any head size.

How far can you throw it?

The recommended catch distance is 15-20 feet, but the Frizbowl can be thrown a lot further.

Does the product float?

Yes the Frizbowl is 100% buoyant, and waterproof meaning it can be played anywhere. You do not have to worry about the product being ruined in the water. This allows for very easy washing of the Frizbowl. Simply hose it off and it’s back to new condition.