Frizbowl was born from a moment led by spontaneity and creativity. Our founder and his friends, initially planning to play golf, found an unexpected joy in a kitchen bowl. This impromptu game, started from chipping golf balls into it, led to an exhilarating discovery: the bowl was a remarkable flying disc, especially fun to catch on one's head!

Frizbowl rapidly evolved into more than a game; it became a symbol of spontaneous joy and community spirit. As the world's first head-catchable frisbee, it’s not just about throwing and catching – it's wearable, shareable, and an absolute crowd-pleaser. People's reactions? Ear-to-ear smiles, eagerness for playful photos, and a gathering of happy onlookers.

At its heart, Frizbowl embodies faith in simple joys, a commitment to community, and the spirit of fun. We're passionate about bringing people together through fun activity whether it's through donations to schools, teams or lighting up summer camps.

We warmly invite you to join us in the Frizbowl journey – a delightful blend of nostalgia, innovation, and shared joy. Frizbowl is more than a game; it's a homage to the timeless love for frisbee, reimagined to create new smiles and cherished memories. Together, let's embrace this playful spirit, one toss at a time.