The 12 Best Beach Games for Adults of 2023

The 12 Best Beach Games for Adults of 2023

Ever found yourself lounging on the beach, feeling that urge to dive into something fun and exciting? Adult beach games have burst onto the scene as the ultimate answer to sun-soaked relaxation and oceanside camaraderie. 


Gone are the days when beach games were just sandcastles and splashing waves. Adults need their share of the fun, too! And let's face it, nothing says bonding like a friendly match under the sun. 


This year of 2023 has emerged as a vibrant year, offering a buffet of innovative and interactive beach games. The horizon has expanded, and adults are now spoilt for choice, diving deep into games that challenge the mind, tickle the spirit, and promise heaps of laughter.


The Evolution of Beach Games

Taking a stroll down memory lane, beach games began as simple pastimes — paddleball, frisbee, and the timeless joy of beach volleyball. But, like everything else, they've evolved. With each passing year, the beach became a playground of innovation, with creators and enthusiasts pushing the envelope. 


Fast forward to today, and the transformation is nothing short of exhilarating. So, why is 2023 a hallmark year, you ask? This year, the beach game arena has taken a revolutionary turn, with games like Frizbowl making waves. It's not just about physical activity anymore; it's about strategy, wit, and sometimes, just the plain old thrill of trying something new. 


With adults increasingly seeking out experiences that blend fun with challenge, 2023 has truly set the stage for a golden era of beach gaming.


The Criteria for Ranking: What Makes a Great Beach Game for Adults?

Selecting the crème de la crème of beach games isn’t just a toss-up — we’ve got some real-deal criteria.


These include:


  • Durability: Sun, sand, and a splash of seawater? That’s the beach trifecta! A game worth its salt (literally) should withstand the elements and the occasional wild throw or enthusiastic jump.


  • Ease of set-up: We’re at the beach to chill, not fiddle around for hours. A top-notch game is one that’s up and running in no time, letting you dive right into the fun.


  • Fun quotient: It’s not just a game; it’s a beach extravaganza! The more laughter, shouts, and maybe a playful dispute or two, the better!


  • Player engagement: We’re talking edge-of-your-beach-towel excitement. A superb game keeps everyone engaged, whether they’re playing or just cheering from the sidelines.


  • Portability: Lugging around a heavyweight? No thanks! The best games fold up, pack up, or roll up, ready to go wherever the waves (and players) take them. 


Remember, it’s all about the vibes, and these criteria ensure we’re vibing high and playing right! So, without further ado, let's dive into the best beach games that have made a splash this year. 


1. Frizbowl 

Elevate your frisbee game, folks — meet Frizbowl! It's the brainchild of a traditional frisbee and the avant-garde of headgear. Instead of catching with your hands, you're using your noggin. But don't fret; our Frizbowl is crafted from lightweight foam, ensuring fun without the ouch factor. 


Adults are going gaga for this game. Why? Because it's a perfect blend of silliness, challenge, and strategy. Plus, it’s a head-turner (pun intended), making you the life of the beach party. In other words, Frizbowl isn’t just a game; it's an out-of-this-world experience.



2. Sandy Pictionary 

Journey back to those classic drawing-guessing days, but sprinkle in some sun-soaked magic — that’s how you get sandy Pictionary! Instead of paper, let the golden sands beneath your toes be your canvas. With this riveting game, beach enthusiasts sketch out intricate or hilariously abstract clues right there, on the sun-warmed shoreline. 


What's the buzz among adults? It's the heartwarming nostalgia of the classic Pictionary we all adored, now infused with the delightful spirit of reliving childhood — only now, the stakes are higher, clues are craftier, and the laughter, oh, it's absolutely contagious.


3. Beach Bocce Ball 

Bid adieu to your grandparents' old-school bocce and embrace beach bocce ball. The unpredictable challenge? Navigating the quirky dips and rises of the sandy beach terrain. 


Add in the tantalizing unpredictability of every throw, and you have a riveting game. This delightful combo makes it an absolute beachside treasure. So, for those adults with a heart yearning for tactical plays and unadulterated fun, this game is your sandy companion.


4. Aqua Cornhole 

Dive into the world where cornhole gets a splashing, refreshing makeover! Cut holes in a pair of boogie boards and find yourself a couple of sets of floating bean bags, and you have an ocean-ready cornhole set!


But here's the intriguing twist: the game's not merely about impeccable aiming anymore. It’s about becoming a tidal whisperer, predicting the capricious sway of the tides beneath. 


For our discerning adults who yearn for a touch of challenge, this version is an exhilarating escape. It's cornhole, but with the difficulty cranked up and a generous sprinkle of side-splitting hilarity.


5. Giant Jenga 

Imagine the classic towering game of balance and tactical strategy but with a tropical vibe. Enter Giant Jenga! Plus, you can take each block, meticulously crafted from durable, water-resistant wood, and paint it with vibrant tropical motifs that radiate beach flair. It's not just a game; it's a visual delight.


With the sun setting and the game reaching its peak, the blocks tell a story of nerve-wracking suspense mixed with the allure of tropical aesthetics. And guess what? 


6. Spike Volleyball 

Brace yourselves for a riveting concoction of volleyball's spirit and spikeball's quirkiness. Set up close to the ocean, this game uses a net that teases just above the soft sand. 


Here's the adrenaline-pumping challenge: you’ll be using a ball that’s craftily smaller, a net that’s whimsically trickier, and those dives? They're not just dramatic; they're the stuff of legends. 


7. Tidal Twister 

Reimagine Twister, that childhood favorite, but now drenched in watery whimsy. Instead of a mat firmly planted on the ground, try using mats with vibrant-colored circles laid out at the water’s edge.


As players enthusiastically twist, stretch, and contort in response to the caller's amusing instructions, there's an added layer of challenge: the unpredictable tide! It’s a dance of balance, wits, and inevitable laughter.


Especially enticing for adults, tidal Twister presents a delightful concoction of challenge, a trip down memory lane, and a cascade of refreshing splashes. Perfect for those sun-soaked beach days!


8. Wave Whisperer 

Step into a realm where the power of whispers goes toe-to-toe with the mighty waves. In this auditory adventure, one individual starts by sending a message — a phrase, a quote, or maybe a tongue-twister. This message journeys, whispered from ear to eager ear, down a line of intrepid players.


But here’s the twist: the relentless sound of crashing waves vies for attention, making each transmission a delightful mess! The result? Riotous laughter and wild misinterpretations. It's an irresistibly hilarious test of focus and auditory prowess, easily cementing its spot as an adult favorite at the beach.


9. Driftwood Dodge 

Unearth the artistry of nature with driftwood dodge. As the waves bring in driftwood, players harness their creative flair to set up elaborate patterns on the sand. The objective? To skillfully toss a ball with the aim to topple designated driftwood pieces, all while ensuring neighboring pieces remain undisturbed. It’s like playing dominoes but with nature’s whimsical touch. 


The allure for the more seasoned beachgoers? It’s a mesmerizing blend of strategic foresight, precision, and celebrating nature’s own game pieces. This is a tranquil yet thrilling game that resonates deeply with the older, wiser crowd.


10. Sunken Treasure Hunt 

Ready for an underwater escapade that’s far from child's play? Welcome to sunken treasure hunt, where you're armed with waterproof cards chock-full of cryptic riddles. 


Dive into the azure shallows and let your inner explorer roam free, solving mind-bending clues to uncover buried treasures. But these aren't your typical kiddie treasures; they might just lead you to a golden token redeemable for a sumptuous cocktail at the beach bar.


Intriguing, tricky, and splendidly adult-oriented, this treasure hunt is perfect for those who love a challenge sprinkled with a dash of beachside luxury.


11. Coastal Kahoot! 

When tech romances the salty air, you get coastal Kahoot! This revolutionary quiz game seamlessly melds the physical and digital worlds. Players join in the fun using their smartphones, answering trivia questions on a range of topics from intriguing marine biology to iconic beach movie moments. 


It’s an intellectual fiesta under the sun and the perfect way to keep your brain engaged while your toes are dipped in the sand. Irresistible for trivia buffs and sunbathing intellectuals alike, this game offers a modern, tech-savvy twist to the beach-going experience for adults.


Wrapping Things Up 

As the sun sets on our exploration of 2023’s hottest beach games for adults, it's evident that innovation and fun can turn a day at the beach into a thrilling adventure. 


Whether it’s the tech-integrated excitement of Coastal Kahoot! or the nostalgic charm of Wave Whisperer, there's something for every sun-lover. But, if you're looking for the game that's truly turned heads (quite literally) this year, Frizbowl reigns supreme. It’s the world’s first Frisbee hat, blending the lines between hilarity, challenge, and trendsetting. 


Dive into these games and make your beach day unforgettable — here's to sand, sun, and a whole lot of fun!



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