10 Best Frisbee Drinking Games in 2023

10 Best Frisbee Drinking Games in 2023

From casual picnics in the park to professional tournaments, the Frisbee has been an iconic symbol of outdoor fun for generations. But as the sun sets and the atmosphere turns electric, these simple flying discs evolve, offering not just the thrill of sport but an added element of evening excitement. 

Enter the world of Frisbee drinking games, where every toss, turn, and tumble is accompanied by refreshing sips and hearty laughter. It's a blend of athleticism, strategy, and just the right amount of mischief. As the moonlight shines down on the playground, we combine the zest of sports with the delightful buzz of a drink. 


1. Frisbeer

Ever thrown a Frisbee toward an awaiting beer bottle? That's the heart of Frisbeer! The game is set up with two poles on either side, each having a bottle or can perched atop. Players stand behind their respective poles, tossing the frisbee with the aim of knocking off the opponent's bottle. 

When successful, the opponent takes a drink. But there's a twist: if the opposing team catches the Frisbee after the bottle is knocked but before it hits the ground, the thrower drinks instead. Tension, strategy, and, of course, a lot of spills make this classic a must-try.


2. Flip and Sip

Who thought combining the rapid-paced flip cup with Frisbee would be a match made in party heaven? In Flip and Sip, teams line up on either side of a table with their drinks. The game starts with a Frisbee throw. 

Once caught or missed, players rush to their drinks, downing them and attempting the classic cup flip. The team that finishes first is the winner of the round. It’s all about speed, dexterity, and a steady flipping hand.


3. Tipsy Target

Add a touch of precision to your Frisbee fun with Tipsy Target. Set up several targets at varying distances and assign drink outcomes to each. Perhaps the furthest earns your opponent two sips, while a closer target just results in one. 

Players take turns aiming their Frisbees and drinking based on where they land. A bullseye might even mean your opponent finishes their drink! The more accurate you are, the tipsier your opponent gets. So, aim well and let the Frisbee fly!


4. Frisbee King's Cup

If you thought King’s Cup had all the twists and turns you needed, wait till you add a Frisbee into the mix. In this innovative fusion, players sit around a large cup placed in the middle, throwing the Frisbee towards it. Depending on where your Frisbee lands, you pick a card and follow the traditional King's Cup rules. 

From “Waterfall” to “Thumb Master,” each card brings with it a sip or a gulp. With the unpredictability of the Frisbee and the classic King's Cup antics, this is one game that'll have the party buzzing in no time!


5. Disc Pong 

Disc pong takes the beloved challenge of beer pong and gives it a Frisbee twist. Instead of throwing balls into cups, players attempt to throw a Frisbee into large containers or nets, each filled with a small amount of beer. Make the shot and the opposing team drinks. Miss, and, well, it's your turn to gulp. 

The addition of the Frisbee dynamic makes the game a bit more challenging and undoubtedly more entertaining. With every swish of the disc, there's anticipation, excitement, and, inevitably, a whole lot of laughs.


6. Frizbowl Frenzy

Step aside, traditional Frisbee games, because here comes the sensation of 2023 — Frizbowl Frenzy! Earning its title as the “party hit,” this game is all about the points you win by catching the Frizbowl atop your head. 

If you miss but salvage the disc before it crashes, points are still in the bag. And if you lose a set? Well, bottoms up!

What makes Frizbowl stand out is its unique play style combined with the thrill of drinking stakes. It's no wonder everyone's calling it the must-try game this year.


7. Spin and Drink Relay

It’s time to crank up the pace with Spin and Drink Relay. In this high-energy game, players compete in a classic relay race — but there's a catch. Before they can pass the baton (or, in this case, the Frisbee), they must spin it. 

The number of spins corresponds to the number of drinks the next relay participant must take before proceeding. The catch? Too few spins, and your team may lag — too many, and you might just have one teammate!


8. Catch or Drink

It's as straightforward as it sounds. In this game, players toss the Frisbee back and forth. Catch it, and you're safe. Miss it, and you're sipping. With every throw, the stakes get higher as the tosses get trickier and the drinks keep pouring. 

Whether it's a risky dive, an acrobatic leap, or a simple slip of the fingers, one thing's for sure — every drop means a drink. It's a game of reflexes, strategy, and maybe just a tad bit of luck!


9. Sip and Shoot

Dexterity and balance are tested in Sip and Shoot. Players stand in a circle, each with a Frisbee and a drink. The game starts with a player taking a sip and then attempting to shoot their Frisbee into a target in the middle. If they make it, the next person goes. If they miss, they take another sip and try again. 

The cycle continues until everyone has had their shot or the drinks run out. It's a test of skill after each drink, and as the game progresses, those targets seem to become a lot trickier to hit!


10. Ultimate Drink-Off

Drawing inspiration from Ultimate Frisbee, the Ultimate Drink-Off is the pinnacle of team play and drinking fusion. Two teams compete to pass the Frisbee and reach the end zones on opposite sides of the field. Here's the twist: each time a player successfully makes a pass, the opposing team takes a sip. 

Score a point, and the other team takes a shot. But, if the Frisbee is intercepted or dropped, your team drinks. It's the ultimate challenge where athletic prowess meets strategic drinking. Strategy is key — play too aggressively, and you might just have your team tipsy in no time.


Tips for a Flawless Frisbee Drinking Game Night

Hosting a Frisbee drinking game night is all about balance and keeping the fun alive while ensuring everyone's safety. Here are a few tips to make your evening a soaring success:


  • Start slow: Especially if you're introducing a new game like Frizbowl, it's a good idea to begin with a few practice rounds. This way, everyone gets the hang of the rules without the added pressure of drinks.
  • Stay hydrated: Between games, encourage everyone to drink water. This not only keeps them hydrated but also helps pace the intake of alcohol.
  • Know your limits: Everyone has a different tolerance level. Always remind your guests to play and drink at their own pace. There's no fun in overdoing it.
  • Food is your friend: Serve snacks or have a meal before starting the games. Food slows the absorption of alcohol, making the games last longer and the fun spread out.
  • Have a designated driver: Ensure everyone has a safe way to get home, whether it's a sober driver, a taxi, or a cozy couch to crash on.

The Bottom Line

At Frizbowl, we believe in the perfect blend of sporty thrill and social fun. Frisbee drinking games are not just about the drink but the camaraderie, the shared laughter, and the playful challenges. While every toss and turn brings its own zest, always prioritize safety and enjoy yourself responsibly. 

Whether you're catching a Frizbowl on your head or aiming a Frisbee at an elusive target, it's the joy of the game that truly counts. Here's to many spirited evenings filled with flying discs and cherished memories — cheers!


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