What Are the Best Outdoor Bar Games?

What Are the Best Outdoor Bar Games?

The bar scene is synonymous with dim lighting, pool tables, and darts. But as the world keeps spinning, traditions find new playgrounds. 

Enter the age of outdoor bar games, taking what we loved about the indoors and marrying it with the irresistible allure of the open skies. Imagine sipping your favorite drink while feeling the grass beneath your feet or the sunset painting a masterpiece on the horizon. 

Outdoor bar games aren't just about competition; they're about bonding, laughter, and those shared "Did that just happen?" moments. From tossing a Frizbowl to an intense game of giant Jenga, the outside world has become the most sought-after bar game setting.


Why Are Outdoor Bar Games So Popular?

There's a certain magic in playing under a canopy of stars or feeling the kiss of the sun while you're lining up for that game-winning shot. Outdoor bar games? They're like that spontaneous dance-off that turns a good night into a legendary one. 

The open air is intoxicating, and not just because of that craft cocktail you're sipping on. You get the chirping of crickets as your background score and the refreshing breeze as your cheerleader.

The digital age is cool and all, but sometimes, you just want to feel the grass under your feet and see your friends burst into real-time laughter. These outdoor games are the throwback we all needed, a nod to simpler times while keeping the fun dial turned up to the max.

And when you think about it, it’s this mix of nostalgia and novelty that's making everyone ditch the couch for some outdoors action. Because why just scroll through fun when you can live it, right?

So, the next time you're in the mood for some boozy fun, remember that the world outside offers the best kind of game room.


Cornhole: The Classic Outdoor Bar Game

Ah, Cornhole — everyone's backyard bestie! Toss a bean bag onto a wooden platform, aim for that perfect hole-in-one, and you're in for some cheeky points. Simple, right? 

It's no wonder that on a sunny day, every hip outdoor bar spot has a Cornhole corner buzzing with laughter and friendly competition. It’s the sort of game where you can effortlessly juggle your drink in one hand and ambition in the other.


Giant Jenga: Stacking Fun Under the Sun

Here's the deal: towering wooden blocks, a dash of strategy, and a sprinkle of suspense. Giant Jenga is all about living on the edge — one wrong move, and timber! 

There's just something about watching that tower wobble that has us all holding our breaths and then bursting into laughter. This game is ideal for those who love a good adrenaline rush — paired with their cocktail, of course.


Frisbee Ring Toss: Aim and Laugh

Take a Frisbee, aim, toss, and let the good times roll! Frisbee Ring Toss brings out the playful side in all of us. Maybe it’s the challenge, maybe it’s the chuckles when we miss, or perhaps it’s just the joy of playing a game as breezy as a summer afternoon. 

And guess what? It’s popping up at more and more outdoor bars, giving friends yet another reason to stick around and enjoy one more round.


Frizbowl: The Sensation of the Season

Now, here’s the buzz everyone's talking about. This game might sound like Frisbee, but it comes with a twist: You’re actually playing with a Frisbee-hat combo! Frizbowl is energetic, it’s vibrant, and boy, does it know how to pump up a party. 

To play Frizbowl, simply throw your Frizbowl just like you would a Frisbee. Your opponent will try to catch it on their head, which is where the fun really gets started. 

If your opponent catches it in any way (even if it’s just with their hands), they get a point. If they stack two Frizbowls on their head, they get two points. If they stack three, they get three points. Each player (or team) will get three throws in a row before the tables turn, and the first player or team to hit or pass 21 points wins!

If that proves to be too easy for your team of champs, try introducing some of these fun challenges to spice up the game:

  • One-Leg Stand: The catcher must stand on one leg while catching.
  • Quick Turn: The catcher starts facing away from the thrower and turns around on the thrower's cue before the Frizbowl reaches them.
  • Two Step: The catcher can only take two steps to make the catch.

With every throw and cheer, it’s clear why Frizbowl is making waves this season.


Darts: Pinpoint Precision Outdoors

Okay, folks, who'd have thought? Darts, that beloved indoor pastime, has gone al fresco! There's just something wickedly cool about hitting the bullseye with a gentle breeze ruffling your hair. 

But remember, with great fun comes great responsibility — always ensure there’s a safe space around that dartboard. Nobody wants an oopsie when they're aiming for that perfect score. Safety first, fun always!


Bocce Ball: Rolling the Fun

Bocce ball is as timeless as your favorite vintage tee. This ancient game has been bringing people together for centuries, and the appeal is still red-hot. 

Toss those balls, aim for that sweet spot, and soak up the camaraderie. Whether it's friends, family, or that cute stranger at the bar, Bocce has this magical way of bonding us all over shared cheers and playful rivalry. 


Ladder Toss: Strategy and Luck

Ladder Toss — sounds intriguing, right? It's all about bolos, ladders, and a dash of good luck. Toss your bolo, hope it hooks, and keep your fingers crossed! 

This game has found its cool niche in the outdoor bar scene, offering the perfect mix of strategy and chill vibes. It’s ideal for when you're feeling a tad competitive but mostly just in the mood for fun.


Outdoor Ping Pong: Fast-paced Rallies

Ping pong's out and about, soaking up that sunshine! Gone are the days when this game was strictly an indoor gig. 

Now, with tables popping up on patios and decks, it's become the ultimate showdown under the sun. Racket in hand, feeling that competitive fire, and rallying back and forth — it's all in a day's fun. Ready, set, serve!


KanJam: Slingin' Discs Like a Pro

You know what's better than throwing a Frisbee? Aiming it into a can, that's what! 

KanJam is the new kid on the block, taking the simple joy of tossing a disc and cranking up the fun factor. Aim for that slot, or get an assist from your buddy to deflect it into the can. This is perfect for those chill evenings when you just want to sling some discs, chat, and flaunt those slick KanJam skills.


Spikeball: Bouncing Off the Energy

If you haven't jumped onto the Spikeball train yet, you're missing out. This trampoline-meets-volleyball game is all the rage! 

Dive, spike, and bounce that ball, all while getting a mini workout. The best part? It's as much fun to watch as it is to play. So gather your crew, and let those Spikeball battles begin!


Quoits: Old-School Ring Toss

Sometimes, it's the classics that steal the show. Quoits might be an old-school ring toss game, but its charm is timeless. Toss your ring, aim for that peg, and soak in the satisfaction when you nail it. This game is perfect for when you're in the mood for some no-fuss, straightforward fun.


Tips To Amp Up Your Outdoor Bar Game Experience

Having fun isn’t always about, well, having fun. Sometimes, there are some ground rules that everyone has to follow in order to make sure you have a good time.

Here are some tips to help you play the night away:

  • Know the rules: While it's all fun and games, knowing the rules makes for smoother play. Take a few minutes before starting to ensure everyone's on the same page — less dispute, more fun!
  • Stay hydrated: Remember, being outdoors means being in the sun. Always have a drink in hand — and we don't just mean your favorite beer.
  • Respect the game: It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Always ensure there’s enough space around your play area, and be aware of your surroundings. And if you’re playing darts or Frisbee, be especially careful of your aim!
  • Team spirit: These games are as much about bonding as they are about winning. So, cheer for your team, celebrate the other, and remember the golden rule: It's all about having fun!

Bottom Line

Outdoor bar games are more than just a passing trend; they're a lifestyle, a movement toward reclaiming the joys of the great outdoors. From the adrenaline rush of Spikeball to the laid-back vibes of Frizbowl, there’s something for every mood and every gathering. 

So the next time you’re thinking of an epic night out (or in your backyard), remember: the world's a playground, and it's waiting for you. Here's to fresh air, hearty laughs, and unforgettable memories — cheers from all of us at Frizbowl!


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