13 Fun and Simple Drinking Games for Anywhere

13 Fun and Simple Drinking Games for Anywhere

Tired of the same old "sip and chat" routine? We have you covered! Dive into our list of fun and simple drinking games that you can play anywhere. Whether you're beach lounging, park picnicking, or just lazing around on your couch, we’ve gathered the coolest and quirkiest games that’ll get everyone in high spirits. 

No fancy props or elaborate setups needed — just your fave beverages, a pinch of enthusiasm, and a sprinkle of competitive spirit! So, summon your partners in wine (or beer or soda — you get the drift,) and let’s get the ball rolling. 

Ready? Set. SIP!


1. Never Have I Ever: With a Twist

Ah, the age-old classic with a zesty twist. Instead of the usual sitting-in-a-circle version, why not make it a bit more animated? Everyone starts with a drink in hand. One person shouts, "Never have I ever... [insert cheeky statement here]," but this time, anyone who HAS done it takes a sip and switches seats with someone else. 

It's like musical chairs meets truth-telling, and let’s be honest, by round three, you’ll be learning things about your pals you never knew before!


2. Spin and Sip: Bottle Royale

Remember those thrilling spin-the-bottle days? Time for a grown-up remix! Place your drink in the center, and everyone sits around it. Spin the bottle, and whoever it points to reveals a truth OR takes a sip (or both if they’re feeling brave).

Add fun by introducing mini-challenges: perhaps a dance-off, a singing snippet, or a quick quirky question. With each spin, the stakes get higher, the laughs get louder, and the memories get unforgettable.


3. Drink-tionary: Draw, Guess and Guzzle!

Let's mix Pictionary with a bit of boozery. Players take turns sketching a phrase or word while others guess. But here's the twist: if your drawing is SO out-of-this-world cryptic that no one gets it, you take a sip! 

And if someone guesses right? The artist and the guesser BOTH take a celebratory sip. 

Grab those old napkins, doodle away, and let's see whose art skills stand tall and whose could use a drink or two. Cheers to creativity and cheerier fails!


4. Tipsy Tower of Truth: Drunk Jenga

Ditch your standard Jenga and get ready for a tipsy twist. For this fun drinking game, take a regular set of Jenga blocks and write a rule or challenge on each one (e.g., "chug your drink," "play a round of fuzzy duck," or "next player takes a shot of tequila"). Every time someone pulls out a Jenga block, they must follow the rule written on it. 

And if the tower falls? Well, the last person who touched it gets a special "bonus" challenge (maybe singing “Roxanne” while doing a silly dance?). It's the perfect way to add a splash of unpredictability to your house party!


5. Royal Rules: King's Cup Kingdom

Break out a pack of cards and prepare for one of the best drinking games known to party-goers — King's Cup! Place a large cup (the King's Cup) in the middle of the table. Spread a deck of cards facedown around it. Each card number or face (like a Jack or King) has a different rule attached. 

For example, the first person who draws a Jack might have to do a waterfall chug, while the next player who draws a two might have to create a new rule. It's a game of surprise, suspense, and sips! 


6. Flip, Sip and Win: The Flip Cup Frenzy

Grab those plastic cups, because it's time for an easy drinking game classic. Two teams stand on opposite sides of a table. The first team member must drink from their cup, place it on the edge of the table, and try to flip it upside down in one smooth motion. Once successful, the next person goes. 

The first team to finish wins bragging rights and perhaps makes the losing team do something silly, like play a quick game of “Would You Rather.” Flip Cup isn’t just a game; it’s a race against time, tequila, and tipsiness!


7. Beware the Gaze: Medusa's Tipsy Stare-Off

Medusa is back, and this time she's brought tequila! For this simple game, gather around a table loaded with a shot glass in front of every player. Everyone puts their head down, counting to three. On three, each player looks up at another player.

If two players find themselves locking eyes, they shout "Medusa!" and take their shot. If not, the game continues. It's a blend of chance, tactics, and plenty of laughter as players try to avoid Medusa's gaze and the ensuing shot!


8. TV Tipples: Drink Along Drama

Who said binge-watching your favorite TV show couldn't be interactive? For this game, pick a popular show (or movie) and set up some drinking rules. For instance, every time a character says a catchphrase or performs a specific action, players take a sip. 

Whether it's every time Ross from "Friends" says, "We were on a break!" or every dramatic rose handout on "The Bachelor," there are endless possibilities to customize your rules. It's the best drinking game for a cozy night in, turning passive watching into a playful, tipsy experience.


9. Roll and Revel: Boozy Roulette

Combine the thrill of roulette with the fun of drinking games, and you've got a recipe for an exhilarating night. Get a roulette set (easily found online) and assign each number a drink or a challenge. As the ball settles, the chosen number dictates the drinker's fate. Perhaps landing on 13 means a sip of a mystery mix, while 22 could mean trading drinks with the person to your right. 

With every spin, anticipation grows, and soon enough, the house is filled with cheers, jeers, and lots of giggles!


10. Cardboard Confessions: Tipsy “Would You Rather?”

You've played it sober; now it's time to up the stakes. With a deck of cards, write down hilarious and challenging “Would You Rather” questions. Players take turns drawing a card and then choosing between the two options presented. 

The catch? If other players can predict your choice correctly, you drink! And if they're wrong? Cheers, they take a sip! This game not only tests your decision-making skills but also how well you know your friends. Dive deep into laughter and maybe even a bit of friendly debate.


11. Straight Face Challenge: Say It, Don't Spray It

Ever tried laughing with a mouthful of your favorite beverage? In this hilariously challenging game, participants scribble down the quirkiest or most absurd phrases they can conjure. 

Players then take turns attempting to read these out loud without so much as a smirk. Crack a smile? Time for a sip! But, if you manage to send someone else into a giggle fit with your wacky sentence, you get to take a drink. 

It’s a playful duel between poker faces and the silliest of sentences. Can you keep your cool? Cheers to trying! 


12. Drunken Duck Drama: Fuzzy Duck’s Whirlwind

Remember that old "Fuzzy Duck" game? Well, it's time to mix it up with some delightful drinking! Players sit in a circle and start by saying either "fuzzy duck" or "ducky fuzz.” Sounds simple, right? The catch is that any player can suddenly say, "Does he?" changing the direction and the phrase. Now, players have to respond in reverse: "duffy fuzz" or "fuzzy duff!”

Here’s where the drinking twist kicks in: mess up the phrase, take a sip. Stumble over your words — take two. This whimsical, tongue-twisting fun will soon have everyone in stitches and, perhaps, a little tipsy.


13. Frizbowl Frenzy: Dive, Drink, and Disc Delights!

Crank up the fun with our final fan-favorite: Frizbowl. Sweeping the party circuit with its zesty twist, this flying disc sensation is all about flair and flair. 

The objective? Land the Frizbowl on your noggin to rack up those sweet points. But don't fret if your catch game's a tad off; as long as you nab that disc before it hits the ground, you're still in the scoring zone! However, if the set slips through, it's sip o'clock.

Boasting a blend of agility, laughter, and spirited sips, Frizbowl promises to elevate any soiree. It’s time to get your head in the game — literally.



Tips to Enhance Your Drinking Game Experience

Now that you're armed with an arsenal of exciting drinking games, let's sprinkle in a bit of extra magic to make your evening even more memorable. Because, as we like to say at Frizbowl, the fun is in the details!


  • Know your limits: Always remember that the aim is to have fun. Pace yourself and know when to switch to water or a non-alcoholic beverage. It's always better to wake up with happy memories than a nasty hangover.

  • Hydrate: Yes, we know, it's not as exciting as a zingy cocktail, but drinking water in between games can be a real game-changer (pun intended). It keeps you refreshed and ready for more rounds!

  • Snack up: Never play on an empty stomach. Prepare some finger foods or order your favorite snacks. Not only will it help you soak up some of that alcohol, but who doesn’t love a side of nachos with their “Never Have I Ever?”

  • Mix it up: While alcoholic beverages are the traditional choice, there's no rule against incorporating mocktails, sodas, or even juices. This also ensures that those who don't drink alcohol can join in on the fun.

  • Set the mood: Ambiance is everything! Whether it's beachy tunes, party anthems, or chill-out tracks, curate a playlist that sets the vibe for your drinking game session. A bit of background music can make a world of difference.

  • Safety first: If you're hosting, make sure your guests have a way to get home safely. This could be designating a sober driver, arranging for taxis, or having some crash mats ready for a sleepover.

  • Be inclusive: Always ensure everyone's comfortable with the game choices. The best parties are the ones where every guest feels involved and valued.

The essence of any drinking game is to have a blast with your pals. So, keep things lighthearted, embrace the unexpected, and cheers to many unforgettable nights ahead.


Wrapping Things Up

There you have it, party aficionados — a treasure trove of drinking games guaranteed to bring zest and zeal to any gathering. But remember, the best parties aren't just about the drinks or games; they're about the memories made and laughter shared. 

Whether you're diving disc-first into Frizbowl or having a heart-to-heart over "Never Have I Ever," always drink responsibly and cherish every moment. Until next time, raise your glasses high and let the good times roll! 


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